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California Queen Size Mattress

There are six basic bed sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. So, what do you do when you have an odd-sized bed frame or when you need a mattress that is not standardized? Well, it’s easy – you go with a custom mattress manufacturer like

Here, we talk about a modified version of a queen mattress, the most widespread size of all. A queen provides enough sleeping space, but it’s still more compact than the king-size, making it so popular. However, a queen bed may be slightly short for some people.

If you are tall and need a little extra legroom, a California queen mattress is a perfect choice. Learn more about it below. 

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Custom Size Mattresses

california queen mattress

Our Dozy mattress can be customized to fit a California queen bed.

How Big is the California Queen Size Mattress?

The Cal-queen is 84” long and 60” wide. Since most standardized beds are 75” or 80” long, these four extra inches of legroom can be beneficial for tall people. The California queen still retains that compactness of a standard queen mattress while providing a slightly bigger sleeping surface.

Here is how it compares to other beds of similar size.

California Queen vs. Standard Queen

The standard queen mattress is 80” long and 60” wide, and it’s the most popular choice for people all over the US. It is four inches shorter than the California queen and although most sleepers won’t notice the difference, taller people will appreciate the extra legroom that Cal-queen provides. It can make the difference between your feet hanging off the edge of the bed and sleeping comfortably with your feet on the mattress.

California Queen vs. Other Queen Mattresses

In addition to regular and California queen beds, some manufacturers have two more queens to offer: Olympic queen and short queen.

The Olympic queen is 80” long and 66” wide. That makes it perfect for couples who need a little more sleeping space to get comfortable at night. And those extra six inches could really be the difference they are looking for.

The short queen is usually 75” long and 60” wide, although some manufacturers go for 74” in length. The short queen is the most popular RV mattress size, as its compactness is perfect for smaller spaces.

California Queen vs. California King

Before the custom mattress manufacturers took off, tall people had a pretty limited selection. The majority only had a California king bed as an option, which was not ideal for single sleepers and people with smaller bedrooms.

The California king mattress is 84” long and 72” wide, and it’s the go-to sleeping option for tall couples. However, if you don’t need the extra 12”, you can now get a California queen mattress from one of the custom manufacturers like

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Who Is the California Mattress for?

The California queen mattress is a go-to option for couples that like to sleep close together but need more legroom. However, if you or your partner tend to toss and turn at night or sleep in a starfish position, a California king is more suitable.

The Cal-queen is also great for solo sleepers who are over 6’ tall, especially those over 6’ 2”. In addition, this size is perfect if you share a bed with a pet (or a few). 

The main advantage of California queen beds is that they can fit in most bedrooms and guest rooms, unlike king sizes.

What Is the Recommended Room Size for a Cal-Queen?

The ideal bedroom size for a Cal-queen bed is 12’ x 14’. That provides plenty of walking and maneuvering space, and your bedroom won’t feel cramped. However, if you want to go smaller, the minimal recommended bedroom dimension for a Cal-queen is 10’ x 12’.

What Is the Best Place to Get a Cal-Queen Mattress?

If you are looking for an online manufacturer that allows you full customization of your Cal-queen mattress, you should go with With our extensive experience in handcrafting and customizing mattresses of all shapes and sizes, we will be able to fulfill most of your requests. Contact us for more info, and let us handcraft the Cal-queen mattress you deserve.

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