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Hinged Mattresses

Play designer and build the custom hinged mattress of your dreams. Choose the mattress model and hinge location.

Sleep Soundly, Anywhere: Our Revolutionary Folding Mattresses

Don't ditch comfort for convenience! Our custom-crafted folding mattresses redefine what's possible for RV and compact living spaces. Unlike traditional hinged mattresses, ours feature a seamless fabric hinge. This innovative design eliminates pressure points and that dreaded "hinge gap." You'll experience uninterrupted comfort, just like on a luxurious, non-folding mattress.


Here's what truly sets us apart:

  • Unbelievable Comfort: Our secret lies in the custom construction. We use high-quality, pressure-relieving materials throughout the entire mattress, including the hinge area. This ensures consistent support and eliminates the feeling of "sleeping on the fold."

  • Whisper-Quiet Flexibility: Our flexible fabric hinge folds effortlessly without a single creak.

  • Built to Last: We use only premium materials and expert craftsmanship to create a folding mattress that's as durable as it is comfortable.

Experience the difference a truly comfortable folding mattress can make. Contact us today to create your perfect custom fit!

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