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Oddly-Sized Mattresses Can Keep You Comfy in Any Setting

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

You’ve likely spent your whole life sleeping on a traditionally sized mattress. And who can blame you? Mattress manufactures and retailers mostly carry mattresses that fit a generic mold. Traditional mattress sizes include: Twin beds, Twin XL, Full-sized mattresses, Queen, and King-sized beds. Maybe you’ll find an oversized bed like a California King, or a tiny dorm mattress here or there, but that’s about it.

But those traditional, standard beds are for traditional, standard sleeping situations. And what if that’s not you? What if you live on a house boat, in an RV, or co-sleep with your family? What if your bedroom has one severely-angled wall, but there’s no other option for how to position the bed?

While traditional mattress sizes have persevered for years, they don’t take into account individuals with unique and distinctive needs. In fact, traditional mattress sizes might be doing more harm than good for you, especially if you need extra space to feel comfortable while you sleep.

The good news is that there are custom mattress factories that can create unique beds that cater to your needs. Go with a not-so-standard mattress size, or a completely custom shape. Maybe even add a hinge to your mattress or replace your sofa bed with something that’s actually comfy! The options really are endless.

But you don’t have to be creative to find the right custom mattress. You’ll find that there are several odd mattress sizes that might already cater to your needs. You can’t find them on retail floors, but a quality custom mattress maker can easily get one of these delivered right to your door, all to your desired firmness and material specs, too.

California Queens & Kings: The Best Custom Mattress for Tall Sleepers

Traditional mattress sizes have failed to capture the woes of being tall. If you’re over 6”, it can be difficult to find a bed that’s comfortable to sleep in, especially if you lie on your back or stomach. If you sleep on your side, you can still angle your legs. This can, however, disturb your partner, and even more if they’re just as tall as you. What’s a great solution? A custom California Queen mattress. Or California King - you do you.

A California Queen is just an extra-long queen mattress is 84” long and 60” wide, significantly longer than the traditional 80” long and 60” wide Queen bed. A long Queen mattress can make a small bed more comfortable, allowing you and your partner extra space for your long legs.

Want Extra Width but Have No Room for a King? Go Olympic

Not tall enough to warrant an extra-long queen mattress but still want more space? Consider an Olympic Queen mattress. These custom beds are a great idea if you want a King-sized bed but don’t have the space to fit the behemoth bed. An Olympic Queen bed measures in at 66” wide and 80” long, making it 6 inches wider than an average Queen-sized bed.

This oversize Queen mattress is great for couples who need just an extra amount of space to fall asleep peacefully, but maybe have a smaller bedroom that can’t accommodate a King. Also, a great custom bed idea for those who are overweight and want a mattress that’s a little roomier than a standard Queen mattress.

Custom RV Beds: The Solution to Stiff Sleeping on the Road

Conquering the open road is a fantastic way to see the world, but sleeping can be difficult if you don’t have a quality custom mattress. Most stock RV beds are cheap, made with flimsy materials that don’t provide the comfort we receive from our beds at home. Ditch the stock mattress and consider a custom RV mattress that better suits your needs.

Since a new RV mattress is made custom, you can add features like a hinge to access underbed storage, or curved corners for a bit more legroom in that tight back bedroom space. If you’re looking for a luxury RV mattress, consider a foam mattress that’s suited for the space if you have. If you’re lucky enough to have extra space in your vehicle, why not upgrade to a RV King memory foam mattress? You’ll never wake up tired if you opt for a mattress that features the best materials.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close (But Not Too Close) with a Family XL Mattress

Does your family co-sleep and need a giant mattress to do it comfortably? Consider the Family XL mattress. This family king bed is double the size of a traditional king-sized bed, meaning it can fit a couple, and a few rugrats, with enough room to spare.

This oversized King bed mattress is 84” inches long and 144” inches wide. A Family XL mattress is a fantastic option for parents whose kids are still co-sleeping. The other benefits of this oversized bed are that it can be fully customized on each side to cater to different sleep profiles. And since it’s 84” long, it’s also a good mattress option for people who are tall, or those who want pets to sleep at the foot of their bed.

Other Giant Mattress Sizes Accommodate Larger People

If you’re a larger person and/or overweight, you need a mattress that has the construction support you need, but you also need a mattress with a little extra room. If your bedroom can handle it, there are three other oversize mattress sizes you can have made custom:

  • Texas King: 80” W x 98” L (Another great mattress option for tall people!)

  • Wyoming King: 84” W x 84” L

  • Alaskan King: 108” x 108” (Also a good option for co-sleepers.)

The New Guest Room: A Wide Daybed Does Double Duty

Do you have a guest room that needs a little sprucing, or one that is also an office, a den, or another hang-out space? A wide daybed might be the solution. It’s got all the pros of a sofa bed mattress without the whole unfolding-refolding the couch situation. Plus, you can always pair it with a cute antique daybed frame.

The other cool thing about a wide daybed is it’s wider than a dorm-size daybed mattress, and you also may be able to slide another trundle mattress under there, too! Now you’ve got a guest room with a couch and/or two guest beds at the ready.

Go Totally Off the Grid with a Weird, Giant, or Even Round Mattress

These listed aren’t the only custom mattress options – not by a long shot. Pretty much any measurements, any shape – we can do it. Do you need a mattress with one angled or radius corner? Easy. Love interior design and want a round mattress? Got it. Need an oversize mattress that isn’t quite a Family XL but is still huge? Simple! If you can dream it up; chances are we can make it reality.

And if you’re wondering what to do about bedding for these one-of-a-kind creations, don’t worry – we custom make bed linens as well, from high thread count, natural Egyptian cotton.

Creating the Perfect Custom Mattress for Your Needs is Simple!

The custom mattress ideas above are just ideas to get your mind rolling. There’s a chance you might want something even more unique or less extravagant to fit your sleep needs. Perhaps a Family size bed is too much, and you’d rather opt for something simpler, like a wide King size bed that accommodates a toddler or pet. The possibilities are endless if you decide to go with a custom mattress factory or manufacturer.

A myth that continues to persist is that custom beds and mattresses are expensive, but that’s far from the case. While price points are higher, they reflect the standard rate of manufacturing for odd-sized situations. Plus, you’re getting a top-quality mattress made of materials that will support comfy sleep for years and years.

We invite you to find the right bed on our site and compare it a traditional mattress manufacturer. You’ll be surprised when you see how cost-effective our beds are. Custom mattresses allow you to pick everything, from the material of choice, to the length and width of the bed, a service you simply can’t find at traditional retailers. Coupled with the custom options for shape, size and bed linens, you really can’t beat the experience of a custom-made mattress.

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