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Six Ways to Make the Most out of Limited Bedroom Space

Updated: Feb 28

Whether your abode is grand or compact, the desire to maximize every inch of available space in each room remains universal. However, the challenge intensifies in smaller living spaces. In places such as studio apartments, the bedroom often wears multiple hats as a living room and office in addition to its primary role.

In the cozy confines of small apartments, particularly in studio setups or college dorm rooms, the bedroom transforms into a multifunctional hub. They're your sanctuary, living space, and workspace all rolled into one. The limited square footage poses a unique set of challenges. This is even harder when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere in a space that serves various purposes.

The struggle is real when your bedroom is squeezed for space, making it difficult to unwind amidst a sea of furniture—dressers, desks, nightstands, and a bed spacious enough for you to fully stretch out. The feeling of being cramped can hinder relaxation but fear not—this doesn't have to be your reality.

There are practical steps you can take to ensure that your limited space not only accommodates your needs but also becomes a haven tailored to your lifestyle. Anything from a bed with more storage space to a custom murphy bed setup can make a world of difference. You can also maybe avoid buying an Alaskan King bed.

In the quest to make your space work for you, think creatively and make intentional choices. Small spaces may present challenges, but with thoughtful design and a dash of ingenuity, your compact living quarters can transform into a cozy, efficient haven tailored to your lifestyle. Let's explore the possibilities and unlock the potential within the confines of your charming, petite abode.

Here are 6 solid tips for making the most of a compact bedroom:

Take storage vertical.

In small apartments and dorm rooms, storage space is often the first problem that comes to mind. To get the most out of your bedroom space you’ve got to get creative. Before you invest in extra storage containers or start throwing out old clothes, take stock of the options available to you.

Are their cabinets with space above them? Is there space above your door for room shelves? Often unused space like this can make live in a cramped bedroom much easier. It’s also important to get the most out of closet space. Most closets come with open space above clothes racks. Finding creative ways to store away excess clutter in these above-ground locations can almost double the size of your bedroom.

Another thing to think about here is the lower spaces: does your bed have space for storage underneath? Consider long under-bed tubs for clothes or shoes, or a mattress with a fold or hinge for easy access to extra storage.

Consider a murphy bed with a custom mattress.

In the realm of ingenious solutions for optimizing limited space without compromising on comfort or style, enter custom and bespoke Murphy beds. It's an absolute game-changer, especially for those residing in apartments. If the thought of upgrading from a dorm mattress in a cramped room sounds appealing, the Murphy bed might just be your ticket to a more versatile and spacious living environment.

Unlike traditional beds, a Murphy bed is a space-saving marvel with all the comforts of custom mattresses. It resides within a cabinet or closet when not in use and effortlessly unfolds when bedtime beckons. This transformative piece of furniture is a godsend for individuals who find themselves in multi-functional bedrooms, where the need to maximize every square inch is paramount.

Picture this: by day, your bedroom doubles as a living space or office, with the Murphy bed neatly tucked away, liberating the room for various activities. Then, as evening falls, with a simple pull, the bed gracefully unveils itself, offering a cozy haven for a restful night's sleep. This seamless transition allows you to extract the utmost functionality from your limited square footage. It transforms a compact space into a dynamic and adaptable living environment.

And there’s more to Murphy beds than that. Some come with ceiling-height, narrow closets on each side, and some have fold-down desks for when the bed is put up. Best of all, murphy beds come in plenty of sizes and can even be fit with custom mattresses and custom bedding to match. So, whatever size mattress works best for you and your bedroom space can be achieved with a murphy bed.

Consider hanging lamps or string lights.

Lamps can be a great way to add soft light to a bedroom, but floor lamps can also take up valuable floor space in a small bedroom.

Instead of investing in a bulky floor lamp, consider a hanging lamp or decorating your walls with string lights. Or keeping all your lighting on desks and nightstands. Both of these options are affordable and look even better in a bedroom than a traditional floor lamp. Best of all, hanging lights actually cover more surface area than floor lamps due to their high position in the room.

Embrace minimalism.

When working with limited space, one of the most common mistake people make is over-decorating. Cramming your walls with art and posters and filling up every nook and cranny with plants and bedroom décor will only make your space seem smaller.

While it’s not always everyone’s favorite aesthetic, minimalist design can visually expand small spaces and allow them to feel more open and breathable. It may not be quite your taste for your whole home, but the last place you want to feel suffocated is in your own bedroom.

Simply select a few key furniture pieces like a minimalist desk, bookshelf, or TV stand and reduce clutter whenever possible. Often, decking out your closet with smart storage solutions can eliminate your need for a dresser. These simple steps will breathe new life into your bedroom.

Minimalism requires upkeep, though. By keeping things neat and tidy, your minimalist design will make your bedroom feel maximalist.

Steer clear of oversized bedding.

A large, comfortable bedspread is always a tempting option when shopping for bedding, but in a small bedroom large bed sets can clutter your space and give the bed an overly dominant presence in the room when you aren’t sleeping.

Instead of a bulky comforter, opt for a tight-fitting bedspread and make sure to tuck them when not sleeping. This sort of bedspread can reduce visual clutter and minimize the bed’s presence in your room. A quilt is a great, low-profile option for a super-warm comforter that doesn’t take up much space and can be neatly tucked in.

Consider a sofa mattress or cot to save floor space.

One of the biggest challenges when living in a dorm room or small apartment is having company over night. Too often, limited space prevents guests from getting a good night’s rest and having a comfortable stay.

A solution to this issue is the addition of a sofa bed or cot to your bedroom or home. Opting for a sofa bed rather than a traditional couch in living spaces can make friends or family staying for a weekend a real possibility.

Additionally, if you are extra stretched for bedroom space, but still hope to use your room as a space to relax during the day, a sofa bed mattress can serve many of the same purposes as a Murphy bed.

Creating Your Own Custom Bed

Compromising with space does not have to mean poor sleep. While Murphy and sofa beds come with their own mattresses, they’re standard in nature and don’t accommodate each individual’s unique sleeping needs. To better suit unique sleeping arrangements, opt for a fully customizable bed. Options include premium customizable foam beds and relaxing coil mattress and custom latex mattresses, which can be designed to fit any sleep spot in any room.

The beauty of custom beds is that they can be catered to any individual and feature far more options than what’s on the market. If you find yourself sleeping in multiple positions, create a custom hybrid mattress that marries coil and foam materials.

Whether you’re replacing the cheap, uncomfortable mattress from a sofa or murphy bed, or have a specially designed bed frame you need a specific size mattress for, we can make endlessly-customizable mattresses – even ones with hinges, folds, cut corners, or other space-saving features perfect for small bedrooms. You can find the right custom mattress for any unique bed you may decide on in our online showroom.


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