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custom mattress

Don't Compromise, Customize!

Made-to-order custom mattresses crafted in the exact size you need.


Custom size mattresses at fair prices

Free delivery in the contiguous 48 states 


Proudly Made in America

custom size mattress

Whatever shape and size mattress you need, we’ve got you covered.

We craft every custom mattress one by one, by hand, just for you. If you've been looking for a custom-size mattress then you've come to the right place. makes custom size mattresses for any sleep spot including antique beds, European beds, boats, trucks, murphy beds, window nooks, bunk beds, RV's, and more!

Our Products

Create your custom sleep experience

custom mattress

Good sleep starts here. Choose between a Coil or Foam mattress and customize the firmness and dimensions to fit your needs.

Custom size mattress topper

Choose between a Memory Foam, Gel Foam, or Latex Foam mattress topper to complement your custom mattress.

custom size bed sheets

Smooth, and oh-so-soft Egyptian cotton sheets that are perfectly sized for your custom mattress.


"Not only is the mattress the exact custom size I needed for my European bed, but it's also the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned."

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More ways to customize your custom mattress

Further customize our custom foam mattresses or custom coil mattresses with a hinge or custom cut corner. 

Add a Hinge

Dozy Cutaway.png

Add Custom Corners

Notched corner mattress angle_edited.png
Campervan RV Bed

Why Buy A Custom Mattress?

People buy custom mattresses for many reasons. Some include needing a mattress for a window nook, an antique bed, a boat, an RV, and more!

Whatever reason you need a custom size mattress for, we can help. 

custom mattress topper

Sleep & Save

Enjoy savings on custom mattresses and custom bedding.

custom sheets

Custom Mattress Examples

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ways to customize your mattress, inspired by our customers.

custom rv mattress

Custom RV Mattress

RVs are an excellent way to have more freedom in your outdoor adventures. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep on the road by buying the right RV mattress.

custom semi truck mattress

Custom Semi-Truck Mattress

Good sleep is essential for truck drivers as it helps avoid concentration dips. Read on to discover our tips and tricks for buying the best semi-truck mattress.

antique bed mattress

Custom Antique Bed Mattress

Custom mattresses and custom beds are on the rise, not least of all being custom made mattresses for antique beds. Antique beds are stylish and great for smaller spaces and tiny homes.

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Sleep health and wellness tips from our experts

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Ready For Bed?

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