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Mattress Myth: Custom Size Mattresses Are Expensive

Unlock the simplicity of a good night's sleep with our guide to custom mattresses. Sleep should be a sanctuary, not a puzzle. While the idea of ordering a custom mattress may seem daunting, we're here to assure you that it's a straightforward process. It only requires a few additional steps compared to purchasing a standard bed.

In this comprehensive guide, we demystify the process of buying a custom made mattress. We want to make it clear that the path to your perfect sleep haven is not only accessible but surprisingly uncomplicated. We'll walk you through each step, providing insights into the seamless journey of crafting a mattress that caters to your unique preferences. By understanding the factors influencing pricing, you'll gain clarity on the value and personalization that come with choosing a custom sleep solution.

Moreover, discover the fascinating rise in demand for alternative sleeping habitats. Explore why more individuals are opting for unique setups. Custom helps you create spaces that go beyond the conventional and cater to individual lifestyle choices. As sleep evolves into a personalized experience, the exploration of alternative sleeping arrangements has become a trend worth exploring.

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Custom Size Mattresses

Sleep Situations Requiring Odd-Shaped Bedding

Sleep has our attention more than ever. We track our sleep patterns with apps. We set alarms for waking up, but also alarms to remind us when to drag ourselves off the couch into bed. Our focus on sleep has never been higher as we learn more about how important sleep is to our health. 35% of adults still don't get enough sleep. And we are getting sleep anywhere we can get it.

  • Companies are offering nap areas at work - thanks Google!

  • Hammocks are hung on mountainsides and in living rooms.

  • Van life has made sleeping in vehicles a way to see the world.


The cookie-cutter approach to beds took a U-turn and there’s no turning back. Double U-turns are ill-advised. People find themselves sleeping in weird spots more and more. But we refuse to go back to sleeping in the dirt, or anywhere uncomfortable. So beds evolved to fit where we need them:

  1. RVs

  2. Boats

  3. Murphy beds in tiny houses

  4. Window nooks - perfect spot to wake up with sunlight

  5. Even converted horse trailers are mobile hostels!

  6. Hinged mattresses to fit through narrow areas

  7. Bedding with corners cut off or notched


These are not typical places for many of us to hit the hay, but do what you do. There are plenty of more traditional sleep situations that need a nontraditional fit too…

custom size mattress

Good Old-Time Bunking

Indulge in the nostalgia of unforgettable sleepovers at grandma's house—those were the nights when the best sleep stories of our lives unfolded. Grandparents, masters of the art of pampering, spared us from chores. They allowed us the freedom to indulge in the whims of our imagination, creating the perfect setting for rejuvenating naps. Their antique beds, crafted in sawmills or manufactured in a bygone era, often posed a unique sizing challenge. Standard mattresses just didn't quite fit correctly with the roughly 3/4 bed size.

The allure of older, oddly shaped beds extends beyond childhood memories and into the realm of practicality. Many families seek unique bedding solutions to accommodate family heirlooms and preserve the peaceful dreams that linger on these cherished pieces of furniture. However, the dilemma arises when faced with the prospect of a mattress hanging over the bed frame by a less-than-ideal 7.2 inches.

For those still embracing the kid-at-heart theme, consider the timeless appeal of bunk beds. Why do bunk beds never go out of style? Simple: parents perpetually find themselves in a spatial conundrum when more than one child emerges unexpectedly into the family dynamic! Bunk beds, with their efficient use of space, become a perennial favorite. Sometimes, they even boast unconventional shapes, such as wild circular configurations or trapezoids, perfectly matching the whimsical allure of a kid friendly Batmobile Bunk.

Bunk beds exhibit an underappreciated charm and functionality among unique bedding solutions. They help transport you back to the magic of childhood sleepovers. You can embrace the timeless allure of grandma's antique bed or the space-saving ingenuity of bunk beds—because good sleep is an enduring treasure.


Other old-timey beds that can require a tailored boxspring set:

  • European beds

  • Sofa beds

  • Futons - no judgment here, many non-frat persons use these - allegedly.


Pricing Your Nontraditional Mattress

Sticker shock may be part of ordering a custom Tesla but that’s seldom true with made-to-order bedding. Crafting the mattress doesn’t take any longer in many scenarios. Perhaps your custom mattress is made out of the same material as a regular-sized mattress but needs to be four inches shorter than the most popular bed - the queen size. In cases like this that don’t slow our process, the pricing won’t go up.


The price can increase if your custom-sized mattress takes more time to create. We don’t mind crafting unique bedding for unique situations. That's why we’re here. But time is money even in dream-maker land.


What can make the cost rise a bit?

  • Truly odd shapes which add to sewing time

  • Circle mattresses or custom corners that require specialty cuts

  • Sewing a portrait of your pet into the boxspring - not advisable☺


Don’t forget to consider material details. Anywhere you shop, if you choose more expensive fabric and materials it will impact pricing. It’s similar to building a patio. Nicer stones will hit your wallet harder than run-of-the-mill rock. In today’s sleep world, material options are growing. Better materials may produce enhanced sleep but might increase the price tag.

custom mattress
custom mattresses

Make Ordering a Custom Mattress Light On Yourself

Avoid the common pitfall of trying to order a nonstandard mattress without the essential bed details and measurements on hand. We understand the value of your time, and the last thing you want is to find yourself caught in a loop of callbacks. To streamline the process and ensure a smooth journey from order to delivery, the key lies in meticulous preparation. This starts by having all the necessary measurements ready.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of grabbing a mattress off a dusty shelf at Costco, your unique situation demands a more tailored solution. Whether you're faced with specific spatial constraints or just desire a custom creation, it's important to provide us with the details needed to kickstart your order. Your path to a restful night's sleep hinges on the precision and accuracy of the information you provide. It's not just a mattress we're talking about; it's the beginning of a journey down the production line toward a rejuvenating night's sleep.


Think of it as crafting a bespoke suit for your sleep sanctuary. Just as a tailor needs your exact measurements to create a garment that fits flawlessly, our craftsmen need specific details to mold a mattress that aligns perfectly with your needs. So, seize the opportunity to be the architect of your ideal sleep haven. Take a moment to measure the dimensions. This simple step provides the essential groundwork for a customized mattress that promises not just comfort, but a sleep experience tailored to your unique requirements.


Note these measurements:

  • Length

  • Width

  • Height


Please take your time. “Measure twice and cut once” is the old saying. You won’t be doing the cutting or sewing, so - better measure 3x to be safe. Also, be sure to note any special corner needs related to the bed space you’re using.


For instance, you may require a “cut corner” or “radius corner.” We’ll need to know:

  • Which corner or corners

  • Dimensions for the custom corners


This detail is as vital as the bedding LxWxH measurements. The good news is you can learn how to measure a radius corner in this 60-second video. Now let’s talk about how long a bed with special measurements will take to finish…


Typical Time to Produce Specialty Bedding

Whether your sleep sanctuary is perched in a loft, nestled within a bed frame from the 1800s, or cruising in the coolest VW van ever, we understand the eagerness to snuggle into your mattress as soon as possible. Let's walk through what you can expect based on your unique specifications.

First, let's address the reality of all custom mattress orders. Custom products, including mattresses, often need a bit more time in the oven before they are ready to be delivered to your door. Unlike the efficient assembly-line production of standard boxspring sets that can be swiftly cranked out, the creation of custom mattresses is a deliberate, handcrafted process.

The swiftness of standard sizes owes itself to the assembly-line approach, ensuring a smooth and seamless production. However, when it comes to bespoke mattresses, we intentionally break away from the mold. Why? Because we appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of your lifestyle—it's the embodiment of living life outside the box.

This departure from the conventional production method means that each custom sleep product is meticulously crafted by hand. Each mattress is built by our team one by one. This may extend the timeline for delivery. This approach ensures that your mattress is not just a mass-produced item, but a bespoke creation tailored to your preferences. We believe that the extra time invested in crafting your custom mattress is a small price to pay for the exceptional sleep experience that awaits you.

So, as you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your unique sleep haven, remember that the wait is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship poured into every inch of your custom mattress. The countdown to a dreamy night's sleep is on. The extra time spent in the production process is a testament to the extraordinary care we put into delivering a truly one-of-a-kind sleep solution.

  • Making a custom-sized mattress takes 2-3 weeks. That’s our average delivery time for specialty travel mattresses, odd bedding styles, or antique bedroom sets.

  • Oversized mattresses sometimes take 3-5 weeks.


Tips to get your mattress as soon as possible:

  • Order before your old bedding is keeping you up at night

  • Triple check measurements prior to ordering

  • We ship Monday-Friday excluding holidays so please check the calendar

custom bed

Custom Sleep Options for Evolving Lifestyles

Our sleep will continue to adapt to our changing lifestyles. We are more connected, more open to new ideas, and our mobility is skyrocketing. No shock that since 2005, remote workers have increased by 140%. Thankfully we can take up our sleeping pads just like nomads of old and prepare for rest wherever life takes us.


For some of us that will mean moving into a tiny home on family land to spend time with our tribe. Others will take to the highways in RVs and vans to see the country instead of living vicariously through TV personalities who leave us unfulfilled. These tiny spaces can still hold big comfort with the adaptable mattress options available today.


Even if you’re happy living a “normal” life with a spouse, two kids, and a house - styles and traditional spaces are constantly changing. Bunk beds can turn into triple-deckers to save floor space. Space savings can also be achieved with quirky bedroom options like murphy beds.


Regardless of where life takes us, we will need a nice comfy place to lay our heads at night. Now you can move forward on a custom mattress with no fear of price hikes or long delays in receiving your new bedding.


Plus, you may now have new travel ideas if your family decides to ditch the cul-de-sac for a boathouse. Or the other way around.


Ready for a mattress made just for you? Order from today.

Customize your sleep experience

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