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Logy® Coil Mattress

From $295

The Logy Coil® combines the comfort and pressure-relieving benefits of Spring Foam™, with the responsiveness and ease of movement of the Responsive Pocket Coil Core. 

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Free nationwide delivery.

Ready to ship in 2-6 work days.

Spring Foam™ is an open-cell foam that is super responsive and provides the traditional coil-spring mattress feel.

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Pocket Springs add lift and support to your mattress while the foam border adds edge support making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Organic cotton cover

Tack & jump quilting design

Superior Craftsmanship

The More Layers the Better, Right?

Nope! We have chosen to focus on the quality of the layers instead of the number, and refuse to include extra layers you can't feel just so we can charge you more. If the foam doesn't improve the feel or airflow, you won't find it in our mattress.

How Does it Feel?

The Logy Coil Mattress is a firm mattress.


What they’re saying about the Logy Coil Mattress

“This mattress is everything I expected and more. I wish I would have purchased one earlier. I just always thought a custom mattress would cost a million bucks. Very happy with my purchase.”

Made from pure, sustainable materials

Our custom mattresses are free of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients, both for your health and the planet's.

Indulge in the luxury of premium materials like organic cotton and hypoallergenic wool to keep you cool and cozy all night long.

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Temperature regulating

Our cooling technology, combined with premium materials, helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

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Superior support

Never wake up with a sore back or hips due to inadequate sleep support again with our custom mattresses.

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Expert craftsmanship

Each of our handcrafted custom mattresses is taken through a thorough quality control process that leaves no stone unturned.  


Handcrafted by local artisans in North Carolina

Our custom mattresses are proudly manufactured in North Carolina using heritage techniques. By owning our own manufacturing facility and keeping our materials and labor USA-based, we're able to commit to top-quality production standards and sustainable processes.

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Free Delivery

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10-Year Warranty

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Friendly Customer Support

  • How much is the cost for shipping?
    All of our mattresses ship for free within the contiguous United States.
  • Where will my mattress ship from?
    We craft our mattresses in Conover, North Carolina and ship direct from there.
  • How close will my mattress be to the dimensions I ordered?
    With foam mattresses there can be up to a 1/4 inch difference, smaller or larger. Coil mattresses can be up to a 1 inch difference, smaller or larger.
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