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High Quality Custom Mattress

Reviewed from Dakota on Nov 23, 2020

I have never written a product review before, but I will for this mattress.

I bought an antique bed that had no mattress with it. Since I planned on putting it in my master bedroom, I wanted to make sure I got a comfy mattress that was high quality.

I had never purchased a custom size mattress before so this was a little scary to me. I took the measurements and crossed my fingers that I took the right ones, placed my order online and then a few weeks later my mattress was on my porch rolled up like a taco.

My sons dragged the box to my bedroom and we open the box and watched the mattress grow to full size in about a minute.

Not only did this company get the mattress exactly the right size, they made the most comfortable mattress I've personally ever slept on.

I will not hesitate to order a mattress from them again.


Tony Vulci


Reviewed from Brooklyn NY on Nov 30, 2020

They knocked this out of the park. Our custom mattress feels amazing and fits nice.


Anna Z.

Worth it

Reviewed from undefined on Nov 30, 2020

I love this mattress. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who needed a custom size mattress for her window nook. Now, my window nook is super comfy and I actually find myself napping here pretty often. Two thumbs up!



Great Custom Beds

Reviewed from Kanab Utah on Dec 16, 2020

I ordered three custom-made mattresses to fit an antique triple-bunk bed that I just acquired. They arrived quickly and fit perfectly. You can easily tell when a product is high quality and let me tell you these mattresses are high quality. Our kids say they feel like they're floating on a cloud. If I had one complaint it would be that I never received any tracking notification so the mattresses were just sitting on my doorstep when I got home one day. Not a biggie since I live in a nice neighborhood and the neighbors keep watch. But it would have been nice to have. That's the only reason for the 4-stars. The mattresses are 5-star all the way.


Nicole Reyes

Super customer service

Reviewed from Destin FL
on Dec 28, 2020

I wanted to write this review and shout out John for his help over the phone today. Customer service is on point and once I receive my mattress I'll write a review about it.


Rudy Veetzio

Extremely high quality

Reviewed from undefined on Jan 11, 2021

This mattress is everything I expected and more. I wish I would have purchased one earlier. I just always thought a custom mattress would cost a million bucks. Very happy with my purchase.


Chick C

I would do it again

Reviewed from undefined on Feb 28, 2021

I was very nervous to buy a mattress online and have it shipped to my home, especially a custom mattress. Now that I have the mattress, it couldn't have been easier. I ordered online and my mattress showed up in a few weeks. And.... it fits perfect.



Best sleep of my life

Reviewed from Orlando Florida on Mar 09, 2021

I always thought mattresses were overrated and just bought whatever was the cheapest. I hate to say I was wrong, but I was WRONG! The Model 3 mattress has spoiled me in a way I never imagined. For anyone considering a mattress, it is an investment and not an expense. Your body will thank you.



Perfect fit!

Reviewed from undefined on Apr 07, 2021

The mattress fits our RV bunk perfectly!


Andrea Prieli

Custom mattress

Reviewed from undefined on May 17, 2021

It was time to replace a custom mattress for my antique bed. The local mattress factory had closed so I went looking online. When I discovered custommattress.com, the name said it all and my worries were gone. My only criticism is that I wasn't notified that my mattress had shipped and it sat outside for a few days until I arrived back at home. But... best sleep I've had in years.