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Replacing Your Sofa Bed’s Mattress? Here’s What You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Every mattress will eventually reach its expiration date. The average mattress can only take so much before it begins to suffer from wear and tear. Plus, people sleeping is gross, and years’ of nights’ worth of sleep fills a mattress with dead skin, dander and bacteria. So you’ve got to replace them sometimes; it’s just a reality.

Depending on how often the versatile piece of furniture is used, it’s possible your mattress loses its luster within five years. Mattresses for pullout couches tend to wear out really quickly even though they aren’t used as often. Standard sofa bed mattresses are already not-that-great, not to mention not-that-comfy, and at a certain point your sofa bed mattress will lose its bounce and won’t be as firm as you’re used to. It wasn’t a great sleep experience before, and it’s definitely not now.

It’s easy to imagine that shopping for a sofa bed mattress could be difficult, especially as there's not one standard couch size. However, in the modern age, finding a replacement mattress for your sleeper is easier than ever with e-commerce. Custom mattress makers can create a mattress for any kind of sleep spot, and that includes folding mattresses for chaise lounges, couches, loveseats, and more.

You Don’t Have to Replace Your Entire Sofa Bed

No, you don’t have to buy a new pullout couch when the mattress wears out. And no, you’re not beholden to purchasing a mattress directly from the company that sold and/or manufactured the sofa bed. Finding a replacement mattress for your sofa bed can be a relatively easy and exciting journey.

Why? Because with a uniquely-crafted couch mattress, you can experiment with different mattress styles, like memory foam, latex or pocket coil. Couch manufacturers put more emphasis on the sofa, not the bed, leading to an original mattress that’s uncomfortable and stiff. Luckily, customization is only one click away.

Understanding Custom Mattresses for Pullout Couches

A tailor-made mattress for a sofa bed is sized to fit the sofa’s frame and has less depth than your typical mattress. Designed to be both space-saving and foldable for storage purposes, sleeper sofa mattresses are typically half as thick as mattresses meant for larger beds.

Don’t let this limit you from getting a good night’s sleep. Even if a sofa bed mattress typically isn’t as thick as your regular mattress, you can still get solid winks in if you find the right mattress that works for you and your situation. You can have a dense, supportive latex foam mattress made to fit your sofa bed and your sleep style with less depth than you might think, especially when the custom mattress hinge is done precisely.

There’s a chance you’re using a sofa bed infrequently, perhaps a guest comes over or you want to relax while you work from home. Or, maybe you actively sleep on a sofa bed to save space in your home. Whatever function your sofa bed serves for you, know that finding a replacement can be easy and will most certainly lead to a better night’s sleep.

Simply figure out your sofa bed’s dimensions and then decide which type of mattress will serve you well. Like regular mattresses, you’ll be able to find a variety of options that cater to a flurry of sleep profiles.

Which Mattress Material is Right for Your Sofa Bed?

Welcome to the hard part. On the market, you’ll find a number of mattresses made from a variety of materials. The three most common readily-available are memory foam, latex foam and pocket coil.

Custom Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress is typically dense, supportive, contours to your body, and sleeps warm. You’ll find that foam-based mattresses are generally softer and perfect for side sleepers as they spread the weight of the body across the bed. If you want to feel as if you’re sinking into bed, treat your sofa bed with a custom memory foam mattress.

Natural Latex Foam

Custom natural latex mattresses are a newer alternative to memory foam. They’re made of natural latex, which offers a lot of support, is very durable, and hypoallergenic as well. They tend to sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses.

Modern Pocket Coils

A brand-new coil mattress can also deliver a great sleep. A pocket coil mattress is an innovative take on traditional spring mattresses, without the annoying pitfalls. A mattress made with pocket coils offers firm support that pushes your weight up. Wake up in the middle of the night because your partner is moving? Pocket coils will immediately react to movement to limit the changes in weight.

For a pullout couch, foam options are often the way to go. Because the sofa mattress is going to need to include a hinge so it can fold up neatly to save space, memory or latex foam will offer the most convenient mattress construction that will also maximize comfort. Foam-based mattresses are also more comfortable to a wider array of guests than pocket coils are.

Where to Find the Best Sofa Bed Mattress Replacement

Finding quality and premium mattresses has always been a difficult endeavor. Combine that search for a good night’s sleep with the lack of sofa bed mattress replacements on the market and you might be left scratching your head. Don’t search too far as we can make the perfect replacement mattress for your sofa bed.

At, we craft a variety of foam and coil mattresses that are waiting to be customized to your specifications and needs. Simply input the dimensions of your sofa bed and specify your material and firmness preference, and we’ll create a custom-made mattress that will make you love your sofa bed again.


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