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Pocket Coil Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have been on the market for the longest time out of all mattress types. They use a metal frame and springs to create the support you need during sleep, and fabric and cushioning for extra comfort.

Pocket coil mattress is an updated version of the innerspring technology, with a few innovations that improve durability and support.

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What Are Pocket Coil Mattresses?

A pocket coil mattress consists of many metal springs individually wrapped in a sleeve (pocket) made of fabric. Although this technology seems new, it has been around for a long time. Since 1899 to be exact. An engineer named James Marshal invented this support system for mattresses, which is why these coils are sometimes called “Marshal coils.”

This concept allows springs to act independently, providing better support, minimizing movement across the mattress, and improving lifespan.

How Are Pocketed Coil Mattresses Different from Traditional Innerspring Ones?

Traditional innerspring mattresses have a frame and a series of springs connected to each other. The springs are shaped like an hourglass, thin in the middle and wide on both sides.

Because all springs are connected, there is no motion isolation whatsoever. So, if you are sharing a bed with your partner, turning around will cause your mattress to bounce or squeak, which can wake them up and disturb sleep.

In contrast, individually wrapped coils provide great motion isolation, which is why this option is excellent for co-sleeping. It also offers much better support, as the pocket coils evenly distribute weight, which takes the pressure off your back, hips, and shoulders. That’s not the case with innerspring mattresses.

Another essential difference is durability. Innerspring mattresses tend to deteriorate quicker because the center of your body mass is usually near the middle, where the support is the weakest. That’s why indentations appear. In contrast, pocket coil mattresses distribute your weight evenly, which is why they usually last longer than the innerspring ones.

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Our Dozy Hybrid is a pocket coil mattress.

What Are the Coils Made of?

Coils are most commonly made of steel and shaped into cylinders that have an even diameter throughout compared to hourglass-shaped springs in innerspring mattresses. But the material that wraps these pockets is the real life-changer. Manufacturers use high-quality fabric so that springs don’t break out of the sleeve and fall out of place.

Two more factors affecting the durability of pocket coil mattresses are the coil gauge and their number. While you may think that the more coils there are, the better, that is not always the case. Sometimes, when there are too many pocketed springs, they have a smaller diameter, which affects the support and durability.

A much better quality factor is the coil gauge. It is a measurement that refers to wire thickness, and most mattresses have coil gauges between 12 and 15. The lower number means a thicker coil that provides better firmness and more durability. On the other hand, a higher number refers to thinner springs and a softer overall feel of the mattress.


Pros and Cons of Pocket Coil Mattresses


  • Strong support and neutral spine alignment

  • Pressure point relief that leads to fewer aches in the back, neck, shoulders, and hips

  • Optimal comfort

  • Enhanced durability

  • Excellent airflow that allows you to sleep cooler

  • Better motion isolation

  • Amazing value


  • Slightly more expensive than innerspring models

  • Doesn’t have as much bounce as innerspring and latex models

  • Doesn’t sink as much as memory foam

Keep in mind that these cons are based on individual sleep preferences. So you may not view these as cons if you want a mattress that doesn’t bounce, or you like to sleep more on top of your bed instead of sinking into it.

In addition, even though they have a slightly higher price tag than the innerspring models, when you account for durability and better performance, pocketed coils are a better long-term investment. They provide a perfect balance of features and are the best option for most sleepers.

Where to Get a Pocket Coil Mattress?


You can get some of the best-quality pocket coil mattresses at We offer several coil models and allow you to customize the size and firmness level of each one. So, all you have to do is go to our online store, select a model, choose the measurements and preferred firmness level, and wait for 2-3 weeks until your dream mattress arrives.

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