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Olympic Queen Size Mattress

If you are a proud owner of an odd-sized bed, you know how difficult finding the right mattress can be. Most stores only have standard sizes, and their customization options are limited.

Luckily, there are places where you can get any mattress size you want, including the Olympic queen. Read on to learn all about it.

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Custom Size Mattresses

How Big Is the Olympic Queen Size Mattress?


The Olympic queen is also known as the expanded queen or super queen, and it is 66” wide and 80” long. That’s 6 inches wider than the standard Queen mattress, which provides enough space for couples to sleep comfortably. Six inches may not sound like much, but if you ever tried to fit into a Queen bed with your partner, you know the kind of difference those 6 inches can make.

This mattress size was introduced in 1999, so it’s relatively new. However, it didn’t become so common, and it’s a little harder to come by compared to a standard queen or king.

Who Is the Olympic Queen Bed Good for?

Although the regular queen bed is perfect for people who like to spread and stretch during sleep, it is often too small for couples. So, if you and your partner don’t need too much space but want enough room to sleep comfortably, the Olympic queen bed should be the perfect solution.

Your bedroom size is another thing to consider when buying a bed. If it’s too small and you can’t fit a king-sized bed, but the standard queen is too small for your taste – the Olympic queen could be a good fit.

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Our Dozy Hybrid and other premium mattresses can be customized to fit an Olympic Queen Bed.

Pros and Cons of an Olympic Queen Bed


There are several benefits to choosing the extended queen, but it isn’t necessarily the right fit for everyone. If you want to buy a new bed frame, go over the benefits and drawbacks to see if the Olympic queen size is right for you.


  • 6 inches wider than the standard queen

  • Could provide enough room for couples

  • Perfect for smaller bedrooms where a king-sized bed can’t fit

  • They come in a variety of materials

  • You can choose a firmness level


  • Not every mattress store has them

  • Fitting bedding and accessories are also harder to come by

Things to Consider Before Buying an Olympic Queen Mattress


First, you need to see if an extended queen fits comfortably in your bedroom. Your room should be at least 10 x 14 feet to accommodate it comfortably.

Then it’s time to select your preferred mattress material. The three most common types include pocketed coil, foam, and hybrid mattresses. Foam is the most popular material as it provides perfect contouring, and it helps keep your spine in a neutral position. That improves pressure relief and reduces back pain.

Pocketed coil are reinvented innerspring mattresses with better support and comfort. The individually wrapped coils maintain a responsive nature of innerspring mattresses, but they are better at isolating movement. They are also more durable and have excellent airflow, making them perfect for heavier and hot sleepers.

Finally, hybrids use a combination of materials, providing the best of all worlds. With a hybrid mattress, you get the support of coils and the softness and customization properties of the foam. However, they are usually more expensive.

Once you have selected your preferred material, it’s time to choose the ideal firmness level. Softer options are usually favored by side sleepers and those who want more contouring. Medium firmness is the go-to option for back sleepers or those who like to change position during the night. And finally, firm mattresses are usually preferred by stomach sleepers and anybody seeking extra support.

Where to Buy the Olympic Queen Size Mattress?


Since the Olympic queen size isn’t standard, you won’t be able to find it at just any mattress store. Instead, you should choose an online manufacturer like We craft made-to-order custom mattresses that breathe quality and comfort.

Take a look at our selection of foam and coil mattresses, and find the perfect one for your Olympic queen-size bed.

Customize your sleep experience

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