RV Mattresses

RVs are an excellent way to have more freedom in your outdoor adventures. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep on the road by buying the right RV mattress.

How to Find a Perfect RV Mattress

Whether you spend most of your time in an RV or just a few days a year, one thing is certain – you need good sleep on the road. A quality RV mattress will make your cross-country trips a lot better since you’ll always be well-rested and ready for adventures.

But, how do you find that perfect RV mattress?


RV Mattresses vs. Regular Mattresses

RV mattresses are typically smaller to maximize the space potential of your RV. They are also lighter to keep the total weight down. The light weight also allows you to move your mattress around and create additional space when you need it.

The most common RV mattress sizes are Queen Short that measures 60” x 74” or 60” x 75”, and RV King measuring 72” x 80”. Now, when you compare them to standard Queen (60” x 80”) and King (76” x 80”), you can see RV mattresses are a little shorter. Other available RV sizes include Bunk, Twin, Full, Three-Quarter, Full Queen, and California King.

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What Are the Most Popular RVs?

Americans buy hundreds of thousands of RVs each year, and it seems that this way of traveling is becoming more popular since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. RVs provide more freedom and are a completely different traveling experience that highlights active outdoor adventures.

There are generally two types of RVs: trailers and motorhomes. Whether you are looking to buy or rent an RV, these are the most popular brands on the market at the moment.


Winnebago has over 60 years of history creating top-quality products for outdoorsy people. Their RVs are well-known for quality, even among new people in the RV world.


You can find both travel trailers and motorhomes in Winnebago’s catalog. All their models are a product of a long history of innovation, and each one provides enough comfort and excellent features.


Airstream has been around for over 90 years, which should tell you about the quality of their RVs. Their main products are trailers, and their models have kept that traditional look but with many technological improvements.

Airstream trailers are known for their quality and durability, so you can regularly see older models on the roads throughout the states.


Jayco started producing pop-up trailers in 1968, but today, they make all types of RVs. Their RVs are rated highly by experts and outdoor enthusiasts alike. They have many cool features to make your trips more enjoyable.

Jayco RVs are comfortable, and they provide everything you need for living on the road. That includes excellent sleeping and relaxation areas.

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Buying the Right RV Mattress

No matter if you are renovating your old RV or buying a new one, you will probably need to get a new mattress. The first thing you need to consider is size. So, get that tape measurement out and figure out the dimensions of your sleeping space.

The next thing you should do is select your mattress type. You have several options:

  • Memory Foam – Great body contouring, durable, and provides enough pressure relief and support. The small downside is that it tends to trap body heat, but you can always choose gel-infused memory foam if you are a hot sleeper.

  • Pocket Coil (Springs) – These mattresses provide enough support and are responsive to your movements. They are very breathable as air can circulate freely, so they don’t trap body heat.

  • Latex – Flexible, breathable, and hypoallergenic. However, this option is a little pricey.

  • Hybrid – Combines two or more different types of mattresses. Also on the pricier side.

  • Inflatable – They are cheap and can be easily deflated or stored away. However, they are not very durable, and other options provide better support and comfort.

Where Can I Buy an RV Mattress?

At CustomMattress.com, you can find any type of RV mattress. We hand-craft our mattresses to match your exact dimensions and comfort expectations, setting the foundations for nights of great sleep on the road.

Explore our pocket coil and foam mattresses to see which one is right for you.