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Three Quarter Mattress
(3/4 Mattress)

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. Although we have standardized measures, many options fall outside the standard 6: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Three-quarter mattresses are considered a thing of the past, as this size was common at the beginning of mass mattress production in the early 1900s. It is no longer the standard size in the US, but it is in the UK.


If you have a ¾ bed, read on to find the best tips on finding the right mattress.

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Custom Size Mattresses

What Size Is the ¾ Mattress?


A typical ¾ mattress is 48” wide and 75” long. That’s 10 inches wider than the Twin, which makes the perfect size for single sleepers who need a little extra space.

Three-quarter mattresses were introduced in the early 20th century when the standardization of beds became a common practice. However, the manufacturers throughout the country still had unique measurements, so 48” x 75” isn’t the only size you can encounter. Some ¾ beds require a 48” x 74” or 48” x 72” mattress.

3/4 three quarter mattress

Does a ¾ Mattress Fit All Antique Beds?


There is a common misconception that all antique beds use a ¾ mattress. But the truth is that around 90% of antique beds have unique measurements that require a custom-made mattress.

If you think your bed needs a ¾ mattress, the best approach is to get that tape measurement out. Measure everything, compare it to standard sizing charts, and see if it falls in any recognized category. If not, you should contact us, and we’ll be happy to start working on your custom-sized mattress.

Who Needs a ¾ Mattress?


Three-quarter mattresses are perfect for anyone with an ¾ antique bed. Luckily you don’t have to use uncomfortable antique mattresses that were paired with these beds. Instead, you can enjoy the increased comfort, support, durability, and features of new mattresses while still rocking that old-world bed frame design.

¾ mattresses could also be a good fit for some RV owners, as these vehicles often have odd-sized sleeping spaces. To learn more about RV mattresses, go to this page.

How to Pick a ¾ Mattress?


When picking a ¾ mattress, you need to consider several aspects like comfort, supporting layers, your body weight, favorite sleeping position, firmness level, and sleeping temperature. The main thing is to choose a material that will fit all of your sleeping requirements. You can choose between:

  • Pocket coil – This type of mattress is made up of metal springs wrapped in individual pockets, which minimizes movement across the bed. It provides plenty of support, and it’s great for heavier sleepers. It is also excellent for hot sleepers as it doesn’t trap heat because the air can flow freely between the coils.

  • Foam – Foam mattresses have been praised for their ability to contour to every body shape. The material feels super soft, but it still provides enough support and pressure relief during the night, which is why side sleepers prefer it.

  • Hybrid – Hybrids combine the best of two worlds. They usually have a pocket coil base for support and bounciness and top comfort layers made of foam for improved pressure relief and contouring.

  • Latex – Excellent for people who don’t like how closely foam conforms to their body. Latex is bouncy, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

Where to Buy a ¾ Mattress? creates custom-sized mattresses that can fit any bed frame. We focus on quality, comfort, and durability, and all of our mattresses are crafted with special care.

Take a look at our custom foam and coil mattresses selection, and choose your ¾ mattress today.

Customize your sleep experience

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