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A Bed that Finally Fits Tall People: How to Design an Extra-Long Bed

Updated: Jan 9

If you’re a tall person – over 6’ – you know life is full of ducking short doorways and cramming your long legs into the back seat of Ubers. And if you have a regular length and height mattress, you likely are also a member of the cold feet club. You know – feet hanging over the end of the bed, blankets that aren’t long enough to be pulled up to your neck and cover your feet at the same time?

What’s there to do – sleep in the fetal position all your life? Resign yourself to wearing slippers to bed every night? Nah. You need a mattress that makes sleep restful and restorative. Which means your mattress should probably be taller than you. Good news is it’s super-easy to get one, and you get to design it yourself.

What to Look For: A Tall Order for a Taller Mattress

Height discrepancies are evident, with 14% of men and only 1% of women in the US towering over 6 feet. When advising clients on custom mattress lengths, the industry norm suggests adding 6 inches to your height. It amplifies to 12 inches if your cat or dog frequently occupy the bed.

Let's break it down: standard full-size mattresses span 74 inches, while queens and kings stretch to 80 inches in length. However, for a 6-foot-tall individual, even a full-size mattress offers a mere 2 inches of extra space, rendering it impractical. Although queens or kings could suffice, those fond of plush pillows or cuddly pets might still find themselves confined. Forget about stretching out like a starfish—it's out of the question.

The plight intensifies for individuals over 6 feet 2 inches, as standard mattress sizes fall short. This is where custom mattress makers step in, tailoring mattresses to individual needs. But how do you determine the ideal length for your bespoke mattress? Custom mattresses are simple additions to any home that with a few quick and easy measurements, you can order online today. 

Here some essential considerations to help you decide on the extra length suitable for your custom mattress:

Mattress Material: Consider Weight

There are a couple facets to the mattress materials you should choose, and weight is a big one. Mattresses for larger people should be a couple inches thicker, and hybrid mattress options (coil and foam) or latex are often best. These are more supportive options than memory foam. Though we do love a good memory foam topper…

If you tower above the rest of us, chances are your mattress isn’t just extra-short, it’s also extra-low. Adding just a 2-4” to your mattress’ thickness, and choosing an extra-tall bed, will make your mattress more ergonomic. No more doing deep squats just to sit down on the edge of the bed. Sleep isn’t supposed to be a workout!

Mattress Length: Consider Several Sleeping Positions

Everybody sleeps differently, and you’ve got to consider more than just your length if you always slept in the coffin position. Our pro tip is to consider the length if you sleep at all diagonally, which many of us do. Or if you like to spread out or like to snuggle down farther into the mattress when you go to sleep. Not all of us are pillow people – stomach sleepers will especially need extra mattress length.

And remember: if there’s anything else that cramps your ability to lay straight in bed, like pets, pillows, extra blankets, etc.; take that into account as well. With custom bed choices, the mattress can be as short or as long as you need it to be. Don’t consider yourself shackled by the traditional bed sizes.

Custom Bedding: Longer Beds Need Longer Blankets

Investing in custom bedding tailored to the length of your custom mattress is paramount. Picture this: a mattress perfectly sized for your tall stature, yet your blankets fall short. They leave your feet exposed. The struggle to find a fitted sheet that accommodates your extended mattress is equally frustrating.

Embrace a comprehensive solution. Use extra-long custom-made sheets and blankets that complement your custom-sized mattress. At our one-stop-shop, we specialize in providing a complete custom-size bed setup. Our team ensures your bedding matches the unique dimensions of your longer bespoke mattress effortlessly.

Don't compromise on comfort or aesthetics—elevate your sleep experience with bedding that aligns perfectly with your extended mattress. They offer both functionality and a tailored, polished look.

How to Get the Perfect Custom-Made, Extra-Long Mattress

Designing and ordering a mattress made to your exact specifications is easy with Choose your mattress model, put in your desired length, width and thickness, and head to checkout. In a few weeks, you’ll have a custom extra-long mattress appear at your door in a conveniently-sized box.

Your height is a cool and unique thing about you – it’s part of what makes you you. Don’t you deserve a bed just as special? Plus, nobody likes living cold feet hanging over the end of the bed, or constantly trying to tuck a too-short blanket back over them 8 times a night. Plus, a custom mattress with the extra length you need is a great investment – it’ll last you years of comfort and great nights’ sleeps.

Go ahead – it’s super easy. Grab a tape measure, make a couple notes, and get started designing.

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