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Custom Latex Mattresses: Eco-Friendly Specs & 10 Benefits

Memory foam mattresses are all the rage right now, and probably will be forever. And for good reason! They’re convenient, customizable, comfy, and durable. But another top-tier mattress material that doesn’t really get enough attention is natural latex. You’re likely not thinking about a custom mattress when picturing latex, but it actually makes for a pretty awesome night’s sleep. And that’s definitely not its only advantage.

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Curious? Let’s explore what latex is and talk about the 10 big benefits of custom latex mattresses:

What is Latex?

There are two types of latex: synthetic and natural. Synthetic latex is a petroleum product that contains harmful chemicals. We’re not talking about that stuff – that’s a hard no from us. Natural latex, on the other hand, grows on trees. Literally! Or, rather, inside trees. Natural latex is made from sap-producing rubber trees called Hevea brasiliensis.

The sap made by rubber trees is pretty cool, which is probably why the Olmecs started using it to make balls and other objects centuries ago. However, it wasn’t until the 1700s, well into the European occupation of Central America, that rubber sap was brought back to Europe via trade. And that changed everything!

Fast forward to Charles Goodyear who, in the early 1800s figured out a way to vulcanize rubber, making it durable and heat resistant. And this is where tires, hoses, shoes, medical supplies, engine belts, and more began to be widely-produced.

Eventually, someone figured out a way to make synthetic latex, which made latex products more affordable. However, it also made them less-than-healthy for products with a lot of human contact, like mattresses. You lose many of the benefits of a custom latex mattress if it’s not natural latex.

10 Advantages of a Custom Natural Latex Mattress

So, why are latex mattresses possibly the best kept secret in terms of mattress material options?

1. Latex mattresses are hypo-allergenic. Unless you have a latex allergy, it doesn’t create a histamine reaction, and is resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mites.

2. Latex mattresses offer better edge support. Because of the structure of latex, you can sleep right up to the edge of the bed and not feel like you’re going to fall off.

3. Latex mattresses are durable. They’re one of the longest-lasting mattress materials and will not wear into sunken spots.

4. Latex mattresses are customizable. We can make a latex mattress of any size, shape or firmness – meaning you can get all the benefits of a custom latex mattress for any sleep spot – from a cot mattress to a semi mattress to a 12-foot wide family bed.

5. Latex mattresses offer pressure relief. Because of how latex is able to conform to your body, these mattresses offer support as well as pressure relief for key joints like hips and shoulders.

6. Latex mattresses isolate motion. Sleep with a partner(s), kid(s) or pet(s)? You won’t feel them tossing and turning at night.

7. Latex mattresses are eco-friendly. Latex is a natural material, which means you can rest assured (pun intended) your custom-made mattress has a reduced carbon footprint.

8. Latex mattresses are breathable. This is one big difference with memory foam mattresses, which tend to sleep hot. Latex mattresses offer a cooler sleep, making it a good option for hot sleepers and hot climates.

9. Latex mattresses are responsive. The contouring capabilities of natural latex extend to how it moves. It bounces back quickly, making for an uninterrupted, comfy sleep, even if you’re someone who moves around a lot at night.

10. Latex is recyclable and renewable. You can recycle your mattress at the end of its life, which means you’re not contributing to landfill waste.

Get Custom Latex Construction for Any Type of Mattress Order

At, we pride ourselves on using clean materials to construct custom mattresses that protect your sleep health in every way. Our custom memory foam mattresses are constructed with safe materials that don’t off-gas. Our natural latex options for mattresses offer an even cleaner, natural option for those who value that eco-friendly aspect. And don’t forget the organic cotton mattress protectors and bedding! You can grab everything you need for years’ of great night’s sleeps right here.

Whether you’re a heavy person looking for a supportive mattress or someone searching for custom RV and van mattresses that hold up to humidity and travel, latex is a great option to consider in your custom mattress design. Check out our online showroom and get started with your custom mattress journey to better comfort and better sleep.


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