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Custom Short Queen Mattresses are Great for More than Just RVs

Unless you’re already in on that RV life, you probably haven’t heard about the short queen mattress. What’s a short queen mattress, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like! A standard queen measures 60” wide by 80” long, where a short queen measures about 75” long. And hey – if you want, you can customize it further – maybe a 72” long queen mattress, or 72” super-short queen mattress, rather.

short queen mattress

But while short queens are great for RVs, they’re also a good option for several other sleeping situations as well. Let’s take a look at the many applications of a custom short queen mattress:

Short Queen Beds are Standard in RVs

Some of the behemoth RVs have room for regular king and queen mattresses, but most often, that bedroom slide out requires you to sacrifice a little length on the mattress. In addition, many people choose radius corners at the end of the mattress for those few inches of extra leg room.

Unless you’re really tall, you probably wouldn’t ever notice, as 75” of length is equivalent to a person who’s 6’3” tall, making a short queen mattress the perfect solution for a customized RV bed – for most people. And going custom is vital to making sure you get the comfy, restorative sleep you need on the road.

Short Queen Mattresses Save Space in Vans

A similar concept to short queen mattresses in RVs is utilizing them in converted vans. You don’t want to sleep on a dorm mattress just because you’re living in a van down by the river (classic SNL, anyone?). A short queen offers width without being too long for the width of the van.

You might also choose to add angled or curved corners to account for wheel wells or other multipurpose furniture in your tiny motor home. And vans are another place where taking another 3” off for a 72” long mattress might be a solid option. Or make it a folding mattress for an additional space-saving feature!

Short Queen Mattresses Fit in Semi Trucks

Seeing a theme here? There’s not really a vehicle that a short queen bed doesn’t fit – literally. Long-haul truck drivers sleep in cramped cabs that operate much the same way an RV or van bedroom does. So saving those 5” of length from a regular queen mattress can make a huge difference in leg room, being able to add extra cabinets, more space for changing in the morning, etc.

The other reason to go custom with your truck mattress is, much like RV mattresses, the manufacturer-made ones often don’t offer the support you need to recover after a 12-hour day of driving. A custom short queen mattress not only offers the perfect fit in your semi’s cab, but the perfect contour and support for your body. Key for staying safe on the roads.

Short Queen Beds Work Well for Kids

Kids are just smaller people, so don’t need 80” of length. A short queen mattress gives them a massive area to thrash around in their sleep – as children are wont to do – as well as a bouncy play area during the day. This is another opportunity where curved corners may be a smart addition to your customized short queen bed, because we all know kids are a bit clumsy. Less corners to knock into.

The other reason a short queen bed might be a solution for a kids’ room is because they can still grow into it. Unless they end up having a growth spurt that rivals Jack’s beanstalk, a short queen mattress will likely last them right up until adulthood. And when they fly the coop, you’ve got a perfect mattress for a smaller guest bedroom.

Short Queen Mattresses Elevate Convertible Beds

Space-saving furniture is all the rage right now. Living costs are skyrocketing, and people are trying to create more space in smaller apartments and homes, as opposed to moving into larger, way more expensive spaces. There are a number of applications for short queen mattresses here:

  • Wide daybeds

  • Sofa bed mattresses

  • Trundle beds

  • Murphy beds

These offer roll-or-fold-away solutions that allow you to have a guest bed without sacrificing the utility of a non-bedroom space. And when you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment in the depths of the Lower East Side or the middle of LA, every 5 inches of space you can save counts.

Short Queen Beds are Best for… Short People

What should be the most obvious application for a short queen mattress – a smart bed solution for shorter people! Why are you sleeping on an 80” mattress that, for you, is an extra-long bed, when you’re only 5’2”, or maybe even shorter? You’re wasting space!

A short queen mattress, or that super-short, 72” long custom mattress we discussed earlier, is tailored to your height. It offers the same high-end comfort features as a longer mattress, but without that length you simply don’t need. Plus, now you’ve opened up more floor space in your bedroom. It’s a win-win.

Short Queen Mattresses Optimize Space in Small Rooms

Following that line of logic, a custom short queen bed is the answer to the dilemma of a super-small bedroom. If you’re sleeping with a partner, two, or a couple littles, a full size bed is simply not a comfortable option. But how are you going to get a spacious bed into an 8’x8’ room? That’s dramatic, but you get it.

A short queen bed has all the width of a regular queen mattress, but takes up 5” less of length. That opens up a 60”x5” space, which, in a tiny room, adds up to a lot. Less knee-knocking against the bed (especially if you add curved corners to the mattress), more legroom, and less cramped dressing each morning when you’re pulling dresser drawers or closet doors open.

Finding a Short Queen Mattress & Matching Bedding

Ever thought there’d be this many reasons to consider having a tailored short queen mattress made? We did – but we make custom-size mattresses for a living, so that’s not really a fair comparison...

You’re likely not going to come across a short queen mattress on a retail floor. You might be able to grab one from an RV manufacturer, but we’ll warn you – they’re usually not-so-great. Going custom is the best solution if you’re looking for the dimensions of a short queen. It’s better for comfort, fit, quality, and staying power. And we make them – so you’ve already found a place to get one!

Now for the bedding. Maybe you’ve ordered a short queen mattress with two rounded corners and a hinge to access underbed storage. Don’t stop at the 1 yard line and grab standard bedding that doesn’t quite fit. We can craft soft, breathable, high thread count Egyptian cotton mattress protectors and bedding for even the most customized shapes and styles of mattress. Having a custom bed made has never been so easy.

Convinced a short queen is a good option for your custom mattress needs? Take a look around our shop and start customizing!


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