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Designing a Custom Mattress: Should You Choose Latex or Memory Foam?

Updated: Apr 4

The great thing about designing your own mattress from scratch is, well, all the customizations, obviously! But that also means you’ve got choices to make, and they might not always be clear, especially when we’re talking about premium stuff like natural latex or pocket coil-memory foam hybrid mattresses. And then even less so when there’s weird shapes involved, like cut corners or a mattress with a hinge.

But that one’s neither here or there.

This little Mattress 101 is about the biggest factor in your custom mattress design: the material it’s made of. We get a lot of questions from customers on the pros and cons of latex vs memory foam in mattress construction. So let’s take a look at just that –

Pros of a Custom Latex Mattress

Natural latex mattresses stand out from their synthetic counterparts due to their superior quality. Unlike standard synthetic latex mattresses that may contain harmful chemicals and emit off-gassing odors, our natural latex mattresses are crafted from latex sourced directly from rubber tree sap. This natural and sustainable material ensures a safe and healthy sleep environment.

Custom Latex Mattresses Are Incredibly Durable and Supportive

One of the most notable advantages of natural latex mattresses is their exceptional durability. Custom made latex mattresses offer unparalleled longevity. Thanks to the resilience and elasticity of natural latex, these mattresses keep their shape and supportiveness for years to come. They outlast many other mattress types on the market. Additionally, natural latex mattresses are resistant to sagging and indentations. They can provide consistent comfort and support over time.

In addition to their durability, latex mattresses offer unparalleled comfort and pressure relief. The buoyant yet contouring properties of latex conform to the body's contours. It cradles pressure points and promotes proper spinal alignment. This results in a supportive and restorative sleep experience, alleviating aches and pains and reducing tossing and turning throughout the night.

Natural Latex is Breathable and Hypoallergenic

Furthermore, natural latex mattresses boast impressive breathability and temperature regulation properties. The open-cell structure of latex allows for optimal airflow, dissipating excess heat and moisture to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Say goodbye to night sweats and discomfort. Custom made natural latex beds provide a consistently refreshing sleep surface conducive to deep and restful slumber.

Last but not least, natural latex is inherently hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. This makes them an excellent bed choice for allergy sufferers or individuals with sensitive skin or respiratory conditions. By creating a clean and hygienic sleep environment, natural latex mattresses promote better health and well-being.

Latex mattresses can fit many types of sleepers.

Latex is a material that’s ideal for several types of sleepers simply because it does offer so much support. Latex mattress construction works for overweight and larger people, people with back problems, side sleepers, those who sleep hot – not to mention latex is a great choice for mattresses that are exposed to the elements, like on boats or in RVs and converted vans. It’s resistant to moisture and tiny gross creatures like dust mites.

Drawbacks to Latex

Nothing comes without its caveats, though! But only two this time:

  • Latex mattresses tend to be more expensive because of the naturally-sourced material. Counterpoint: if it lasts a super-long time, is it actually expensive?

  • Since latex mattresses are firm, they’re not for everyone – some of us want to sleep on a cushy cloud-like mattress, and these are not that.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam custom mattresses have earned their reputation as one of the most sought-after materials in the industry. It's for good reason. These innovative mattresses offer a multitude of benefits that cater to the needs and preferences of a wide range of sleepers.

One of the standout features of custom memory foam mattresses is their ability to alleviate pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment. The viscoelastic properties of memory foam allow it to contour to the body's unique curves. It distributes weight evenly and provides targeted support to areas prone to discomfort, such as the hips and shoulders. By relieving pressure on these key pressure points, bespoke memory foam mattresses offer unparalleled comfort and relief. It allows users to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each morning.

In addition to pressure relief, memory foam mattresses excel at motion isolation, making them an ideal choice for couples or anyone who shares a bed with a restless sleeper. The dense and responsive nature of memory foam absorbs and dampens motion transfer. It ensures that disturbances from movement are minimized. You and your partner can enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

Custom Memory Foam Mattresses are Also Hypoallergenic

Furthermore, bespoke memory foam mattresses are prized for their hypoallergenic properties. Just like natural latex, they're a great option for allergy sufferers or individuals with sensitivities. The dense structure of memory foam inhibits the growth of allergens such as dust mites, mold, and bacteria, creating a cleaner and healthier sleep environment. Say goodbye to sneezing fits and nasal congestion, as memory foam mattresses provide a sanctuary free from allergens.

Bespoke Memory Foam Mattresses Are a Cozy Option

Last but not least, custom made memory foam mattresses offer a cozy and indulgent sleep experience that envelops you in plush softness. The luxurious feel of memory foam cradles the body in a supportive embrace, promoting deep relaxation and comfort. Whether you prefer a firmer or softer feel, memory foam mattresses can be customized to meet your specific preferences, ensuring a personalized sleep experience tailored to your needs.

Memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to provide comfort, support, and customization. From pressure relief and motion isolation to hypoallergenic properties and luxurious comfort, memory foam mattresses offer a myriad of benefits that contribute to better sleep quality and overall well-being.

Memory foam fits many types of sleepers.

Just like latex, memory foam mattresses are a good choice for many types of sleepers. People with painful conditions like arthritis enjoy the pressure relief. People who sleep on their back love the way they contour to your body. And people who share a bed appreciate the lack of motion transfer.

Cons to Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses aren’t without a few shortcomings:

  • Custom memory foam might be expensive.

  • Memory foam mattresses are not the best choice for larger/overweight people.

  • Memory foam is not as durable as latex.

  • Memory foam retains heat, so is not good for those who sleep hot.

Pocket Coil is Another Option to Consider

Another option to consider, if neither of these are feeling just right, is pocket coil construction – not to be confused with innerspring, which is notoriously terrible. Pocket coils are individually-wrapped, which means no weird poky or saggy spots as you wear the mattress in. Pocket coil mattresses have a lot to offer:

  • Durable

  • Supportive

  • Come in a variety of firmness options

  • Good mix of support and pressure relief

People who should consider pocket coil for their custom mattress construction include:

  • Heavyweight sleepers

  • Side sleepers

  • Back sleepers Lets You Create a Mattress that’s Tailored to You

Now that you’ve got the 411 on mattress materials, it’s all easy from here! Now you just need to know your length, width, depth, desired firmness, and any customizations like cut corners, radius corners, or a hinge to make a folding mattress. Or, choose giant sizes for your custom bed, like the Alaskan or Wyoming king.

The last (and easiest) step to finish everything out is to have us make matching custom bedding – especially since none of these mattresses are standard sizes or shapes. Custom Egyptian cotton bed sets ensure you get the most comfort and luxury out of your new mattress – not to be overlooked in your design process.

Want to know more? Check out our mattress and bedding selections and get started on your custom mattress journey!


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